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Pest Control In The Bronx, NY

Reliable Pest Control For Your Home Or Business In The Bronx, NY

One of the busiest and most populated areas in New York City, residents of the Bronx can take advantage of the many amenities and opportunities the area offers. However, pests often plague the community and thrive in its closely packed spaces, making dependable pest control a necessity for many Bronx residents.

Bronx County pest control provided by our expert team at Caliber Pest Service will take care of all of your pest issues and leave your Bronx home or business safe from the troubles that insects, rodents, and wildlife invaders bring with them. We dedicate ourselves to removing all traces of pests from your property and keeping these invaders away for good so you can enjoy your life in The Bronx free from pests.

Residential Pest Control In The Bronx

Keeping your home in the Bronx area safe from pests can be an overwhelming task, which is why Caliber Pest Service is here to help. Our team of expert pest technicians can keep your property safe from all types of pests, using a number of different exclusionary, baiting, and trapping techniques to treat whatever pest problems you are experiencing.

Our residential pest control plans are always tailored to your property's needs and consider your specific pest issues and concerns. Follow-up maintenance treatments are provided on an annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly basis as needed, or we can work with you to provide an effective one-time treatment.

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Commercial Pest Control In The Bronx

The success of your business in the Bronx depends greatly on keeping your property safe and free of the health and destruction hazards that pest infestations bring. After all, pest problems can cause sickness, create costly damages, and ruin your reputation in the community, all incredibly stressful events that can stop your business from operating as it should. At Caliber Pest Service, our commercial pest control keeps properties completely pest-free.

Our skilled pest technicians service Bronx businesses such as restaurants, hotels, food and beverage processing, healthcare and educational facilities, parks, and property management. We tailor every pest control treatment to your property's exact needs, a tactic that allows us to make our solutions as effective as possible. We offer ongoing treatment plans as needed and will always use proven pest control techniques to ensure your commercial property stays pest-free, no matter what.

When Is It Time To Call A Professional For Cockroaches In My Home In The Bronx?

If you've seen cockroaches running around your Bronx home and suspect a cockroach infestation, you may be wondering when it's time to call in the professionals. However, when you start to see cockroaches running about your home, an infestation is likely well underway, and professional cockroach control is needed.

When left untreated, cockroach infestations can increase your chances of illnesses as these pests leave behind bacteria and pathogens on surfaces that contaminate food. These pests can also trigger allergies, asthma attacks, and respiratory problems, especially with large invasions. Plus, cockroaches can hide in hard-to-reach areas and reproduce quickly, causing a full-blown infestation before you even start to see signs of these pests around your home.

In addition to visual sightings of cockroaches, other signs of a cockroach infestation include finding cockroach droppings or egg cases, shed cockroach skins, or smear marks on walls and other surfaces. Contact Caliber Pest Service immediately if you see any of these signs in your home.

The Bronx Homeowner's Guide To Avoiding Rodent Problems

Rodents invading your Bronx home bring a host of health and safety problems, not to mention costly damages, as these pests run wild around your property. The key to avoiding infestations of all types of rodents and the problems that they bring with them is taking steps to rodent-proof your home. Our expert advice below can help you keep these troublesome pests away.

  • Eliminate potential rodent entry points by sealing up cracks around your windows, doors, roof, and foundation. Use a chew-proof material for this, such as steel wool.
  • Make your home less attractive to rodents by storing leftover food properly, refraining from leaving dirty dishes, and immediately cleaning up food and drink spills. 
  • Ensure all outdoor trash cans have tight-fitting or locking lids to keep rodents out of them.
  • Keep outdoor areas clear of long grass and debris, and store woodpiles far from your home to reduce rodent hiding spots.

Keep in mind that if you are struggling with an active infestation of rodents, contacting Caliber Pest Service should be your first step in defeating this pest. Reach out to us today for reliable rodent control in the Bronx.

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