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Wildlife Identification & Prevention

What is wildlife?

Wildlife live outside successfully without the help of people. However, many species of wildlife have learned to live with people as we take over more and more of their natural habitat.

In the Bronx, three of the most common wild animal species to become a problem on our New York properties are raccoons, squirrels, and pigeons.

Is wildlife dangerous?

There are many reasons we don't want wild animals living on our properties near our families. Most of the reasons center around the fact that wild animals are dangerous and destructive.

  • Many wild animals carry and spread diseases that can make people ill. In our area, raccoons are a main vector of rabies.
  • Wildlife carry disease-spreading parasites like fleas and ticks.
  • While foraging for food, wild animals will dig through and destroy trash cans, gardens, and our lawns.
  • Wildlife can damage the structure of our homes by creating entrances. 
  • Excrement buildup is unsanitary and often creates unpleasant odors.

If wildlife have become a problem on your property, reach out to a local professional that can remove unwanted animals and help you keep them from coming back

Why do I have a wildlife problem?

While many people may not associate wildlife with urban areas, the truth is that many wild animals thrive in densely populated areas. Raccoons, squirrels, and pigeons have learned to take full advantage of the shelter our homes and yards offer them. They have also discovered that wherever there are people, there will be multiple food sources and easy access to water.

Where will I find wildlife?

Where wild animals prefer to hang out on our New York properties can be species-dependent.

Squirrels like to nest and live up off the ground and regularly inhabit trees, tall shrubbery, vines, attics, and chimneys.

Raccoons live in parks, near waterways, under dumpsters and piles of debris, and in alleys, attics, and crawl spaces.

Pigeons nest and roost up off the ground in warehouses, under bridges, on roofs, and in our attics and chimneys.

Wildlife tend to be pretty brazen in cities, and most will make their presence well known. It is common to spot wild animals digging through dumpsters or traveling through our yards in the middle of the day!

How do I get rid of wildlife?

If you need help getting rid of nuisance or dangerous wildlife from your Bronx property, the professionals at Caliber Pest Service are here to help. Our certified & trained professional pest service providers in the Bronx will work closely with you to meet your property's unique wildlife control needs. Our professionals know the behaviors of wild animals in our region and will use that knowledge and remove them from your property safely and humanely. To learn more about wildlife control in the Bronx, New York, please call us today!

How can I prevent wildlife in the future?

We want to provide you with a few easy-to-follow tips to help you reduce the chances of wildlife becoming a problem on your property.

  • Make sure you place trash bags in trash cans with locking lids and never store trash cans near your home's exterior.
  • Always pick up uneaten pet food.
  • Remove bird feeders from your property.
  • Place caps on chimneys and screens over vents.
  • Seal gaps in your home's roofline and foundation.
  • Get rid of yard debris from your yard that wildlife can use as hiding spots. 

For more information about wildlife control, contact us at Caliber Pest Service!

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