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Rodent Control In The Bronx, NY

Effective Rodent Control Services In The Bronx

Rodent infestations on your Bronx property bring several problems, creating chaos that you may not even notice at first. These pests are skilled invaders that can easily infiltrate human structures. The main problem with rodents is how incredibly unhygienic they are; these pests routinely wander through sewers and dumpsters searching for food and are carriers of serious illnesses such as plague, hantavirus, tularemia, rat-bite fever, and salmonella. Rodents can spread these diseases and bacteria across surfaces or food storage areas as they live and scavenge on your property, greatly increasing your chances of illness.

Additionally, when you couple the health risks that rodents present with their prolific nature, you get a recipe for disaster. These pests can run around your property, hiding in the walls, attics, basements, or garages, and multiply quickly, something that allows an infestation to grow out of control in no time. Rodents are also particularly destructive as they constantly gnaw, chewing their way through wooden support structures and plumbing or electrical areas and leaving urine and feces all over your property.

Rodent control is a necessity in the Bronx. You don’t want to ignore a rodent problem and allow it to grow out of control. Another important thing to note is that DIY rodent control is often less than effective; this process can be an expensive investment of time and effort without eliminating the source of your rodent problem or removing every hiding rodent from your property.

Professional rodent control in the Bronx provided by our expert team at Caliber Pest Service is the best option for dealing with these pests. Not only is our team of pest technicians highly skilled and experienced, but they will remove every trace of rodents on your property so you can regain the peace and safety of your structure.

Our Expert Rodent Control Process

When rodents run wild around your property, your first treatment step is to contact Caliber Pest Service. Only professionals can help you remove these dangerous pests from your property effectively. We service residential and commercial properties and have over fifteen years of experience in doing so, making us qualified to take care of your rodent control needs and any other pest problems that pop up along the way.

Our rodent control process typically starts with a thorough inspection of your property. During this inspection, we will look for areas of major rodent activity, conditions contributing to a rodent infestation, and any rodent entry spaces that need repairs. Our pest technicians scope out the entire area to see where rodents are coming from and develop a plan to eliminate them.

Once our inspection is complete, we will craft a customized treatment solution that considers your property’s specific issues and the severity of the rodent problem you are dealing with. We have several different treatments that we can use to eradicate rodent issues, including exclusion tactics, bait stations, and traps. In the case of an extreme infestation, we use snap traps, and our pest technicians will return to check the traps the next day.

Another major part of our Bronx rodent control is educating you, the customer, about how to keep your property safe from rodents once we’ve treated an active infestation. Our preventative advice can help you keep your chances of a reinfestation low and ensure that once we take care of your rodent problems, they are gone for good. Additionally, we offer follow-up treatments on an as-needed basis. We can return on an annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly basis to help keep your property free of rodents or any other pest that may happen to invade.

So, if you’re dealing with a major rodent problem around your property, don’t hesitate to get these issues treated. Fast, proactive rodent control solutions are the best way to eradicate infestations and ensure your property stays safe from the destruction, health issues, and safety concerns that rodents bring. Contact Caliber Pest Service at the first sign of rodent issues and allow us to take care of your rodent problem. With our help, you’ll be free of these pests in no time at all.

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