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The Best Way To Deter Rats In The Bronx

November 15, 2022 - Rats

No resident of the Bronx wants to host rats around their property, as all types of rats cause serious health and safety issues. Pest control in the Bronx can provide humane rat control services and keep rats away for good.

Where Do Rats Like To Hide?

Rats are highly skilled at hiding and are one of the worst pests to deal with around your property due to their ability to squeeze into tight spaces. Most rats can fit through holes the size of a quarter and will invade hard-to-reach areas that ensure they are left alone to breed, feed, and rest when they aren’t scavenging for food. 

In most cases, rats in the Bronx love to live in dark, secluded areas. They will hide between walls, attics and storage rooms, basements, and near kitchens and bathrooms. Anywhere that provides a safe nesting spot and proximity to food and water is a viable hiding place for this pest. 

If you need help narrowing down rat hiding places around your property, contact Caliber Pest Service right away.

Is It Possible To Have A Rat-Free Home Without Killing Them?

Many individuals who experience a rat issue may want the problem gone but feel bad about killing the rats invading their property. It is possible to have a rat-free home without killing this pest, but this process may take a little longer. 

Rat control that is humane features bait traps and exclusion tactics; professional pest control experts will lay out traps to catch rats while sealing rat entry points, stopping new rats from entering. After they trap all the rats, they will remove them, and your home will be safeguarded against this pest, resulting in a rat-free home.

Five Ways To Deter Rats

To get rid of rats and avoid the many diseases rats carry, you can utilize these prevention tips to make sure this critter doesn’t invade your property:

  1. Seal cracks around your property that may be acting as rat entry points. These spaces include vented areas leading into attics and crawl spaces, the areas around plumbing and electrical lines, and holes in the roof or foundation of your property.
  2. Always store leftover food properly and never leave out dirty dishes or food and drink spills, as these aromas can attract rats.
  3. Seal trash bags tightly and use trash cans with lockable or tight-fitting lids to prevent rats from scavenging in these areas.
  4. Clear the exterior of your property of debris, long grasses, and wood piles to remove outdoor rat harborage areas.
  5. Address moisture issues that may create pools of excess water and attract thirsty rats to interior areas.

If you need more rat prevention advice, contact Caliber Pest Service with your questions right away.

Total Rat Control For The Bronx Residents

Rat control is essential for residents in the Bronx, especially if you want to avoid the many destructive and unhygienic problems that invasions of this pest can bring. The team you should turn to when you need total rat control is Caliber Pest Service – our experts can help you remove any size or scale of rat problem around your property. 

We utilize exclusion tactics and bait trap setups to remove rats from your property in the most humane way possible. In severe cases, we may use snap traps, but our team checks these the next day to ensure their success and conducts hygienic clean-up steps.

Put your trust in Caliber Pest Service and contact us the moment you see rats running wild around your property.

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