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Pest Spotlight: Getting Rid Of Mice In The Bronx

October 15, 2022 - Mice

Mice and other rodents will create problems for New York property owners in a variety of ways. Common mouse-related concerns include contaminated food, damage to property, and aggravating allergies. Among the most commonly encountered mice in the region include house mice, white-footed mice, and deer mice. 

The house mouse ranges from roughly two to four inches long with a tail of roughly the same size. They are typically distinguished by large ears and a pointed nose. House mice are typically a uniform color that appears grey or brown. The white-footed and deer mice (Peromyscus) behave and appear similar with a white underbelly and grey or tan fur. These tiny mice typically build hidden nests on the ground level composed of outdoor debris.

Are you a resident of the Bronx wondering what will repel mice from your property? Homeowners should employ a comprehensive approach for preventing mice and promptly contact a licensed pest control company if an intrusion occurs.

A properly trained and equipped Bronx pest control professional understands how to get rid of mice quickly and may identify any existing property conditions that make your home vulnerable to subsequent pest invasions.

If I See One Mouse In My Home, Does That Mean There Are More?

Mice are largely social creatures; therefore, homeowners that spot a single mouse should expect that others are nearby. Keep in mind that mice are predominately nocturnal creatures that often remain hidden during the day. 

Are you struggling with how to tell if you have rats or mice?  Among the most common indicators include the following: 

  • Some property owners will initially detect mice at night when hearing these creatures scurrying around.
  • Look for signs of damage to packaged foods such as those stored in cupboards or pantries.
  • You might notice their droppings and detect foul odors.
  • As with all rodents, mice often gnaw on a home's wires, cables, and other materials. 

After spotting a mouse, you should swiftly contact a pest control professional, as these creatures are strong breeders that will multiply. 

The Diseases That Mice Can Bring Into Your Home

Mice in The Bronx are known carriers of leptospirosis, tularemia, salmonellosis, and many other health risks. As mice travel, they often rummage through trash and encounter fleas, ticks, and other harmful parasites. Once indoors, mice will contaminate surfaces with urine and droppings. 

Can Mice Make My Pets Sick?

Pet owners should discourage their dogs or cats from engaging with rodents, as they pose substantial health risks. For example, cats may contract hantavirus from mice or intestinal parasites. Toxoplasma protozoans may cause digestive problems or irregularities in the nervous system if a dog eats a rodent. Further, pets may get fleas and ticks from mice and similar pests. 

Seeking assistance from a licensed and trained home pest control company is the best option for dealing with rodents. Residents are discouraged from trying home remedies or harsh chemical formulas that may impair indoor air quality leading to irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, dizziness, and nausea. 

Professional Rodent Control For Households In The Bronx

The licensed specialists with Caliber Pest Service receive proper training regarding how to get rid of rodents in yard areas and the best ways to keep mice away. We will deploy a technician to your property for a detailed interior and exterior inspection. 

As a family-owned and operated company, we function in a manner that ensures the safety of our customers, their pets, and the local environment that we share. We remain properly registered with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (N.Y.D.E.C.), a centralized state agency responsible for the conservation, improvement, and protection of key environmental resources and public health. 

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