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White Plains, NY Pest Control

Professional Pest Control For Homes & Businesses In White Plains, NY

Just 25 miles from Manhattan, White Plains is a thriving city in Westchester County, New York. Known for its many outstanding restaurants and retail stores, Westchester is a commercial hub with many large corporations calling it home. However, it also exudes a community feel with high-quality schools and many cultural and recreational opportunities for its residents.

If you live or work in White Plains, you are well-acquainted with the many benefits of our city and aware of some of the problems that persist here. Pests are a problem no matter where you live or work, and White Plains is no exception. Keeping your property free of pests is important because pests like rodents and wildlife can damage your building and cause other issues for you. For pest control in White Plains that protects your home or business, Caliber Pest Service is the right choice. Our certified and insured pest technicians bring the most efficient pest control to our customers because we know how important prompt service is when pests invade. We are experts at selecting and implementing the most effective methods to solve your pest problems.

Residential Pest Control In White Plains

A pest infestation can feel personal. Even though you know whatever pests have gotten into your White Plains home don't have it out for you, it can feel like they are personally attacking your home and family. You know you need to get rid of them, but knowing the best way to do so can be tricky. That's why pest control for your home is best when performed by the professionals from Caliber Pest Service.

At Caliber Pest Service, we are not only trained and experienced in solving a wide variety of pest problems, but we also have the resources available to take care of your pest control issues efficiently and with excellence. When you contact us for service, we identify your specific pest control issues so that we can provide the treatments you need and the education necessary to empower you to prevent the problem in the future. Because each home is different, we offer customized treatments tailored to your needs. Services are available on a one-time or ongoing basis, depending on your schedule, the severity of the infestation, and other factors that we will discuss with you. When you have home pest control needs, trust Caliber Pest Service.

Commercial Pest Control In White Plains

Whether you run a small business or a large commercial company, keeping pests out of your White Plains facility is important. Avoiding a pest infestation helps you protect your employees and customers, prevents damage to property, and helps you maintain your business's reputation.

If your business currently has no protection against pests or has an active pest infestation, you need pest control services for commercial properties that guarantee the results you expect. Caliber Pest Service provides customized commercial pest control programs for commercial properties in White Plains. We deliver proven, environmentally-conscious, cost-effective solutions for your facility's pest control needs, whatever they happen to be. Offering routine services on a schedule that works for you, we make sure that pests can't get into your commercial facility.

Six Quick & Simple Ways To Reduce Mosquitoes Around Your White Plains Property

Mosquitoes are a serious annoyance around your White Plains property. Although you can be thankful to get a reprieve from them in the winter months, they can sometimes make going outside in summer unbearable. In order to be able to enjoy your time outside, as well as avoid all of the diseases mosquitoes are known to spread, you have to understand how to reduce the mosquitoes around your White Plains property. These six tips will help.

  1. Clean your gutters. Clogged gutters retain water in which mosquitoes can breed.
  2. Eliminate areas of standing water around your property.
  3. Keep your grass trimmed.
  4. Trim back foliage.
  5. Reduce moisture in gardens and mulched areas.
  6. Get a mosquito control service from Caliber Pest Service.

If you truly want to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard, the best thing you can do is have mosquito reduction services from Caliber Pest Service. We will treat your yard every three to four weeks from April through October to target adult mosquitoes and greatly reduce the mosquito population on your property. Get back outside and enjoy your yard with help from Caliber Pest Service.

What You Probably Didn't Know About Termites In White Plains

Many people think termites are only a problem in the southern states and that states that experience cold winters are too cold for termites to survive, making them a non-issue for homeowners. As nice as it would be not to have to worry about a termite infestation in your White Plains home, unfortunately, it isn't true. Termites live underground and can survive the cold winters by moving below the frost line. Additionally, once they get into your home, they can remain active all year because of the climate-controlled environment.

Protecting your White Plains home from termites is important because they are extremely destructive pests and do most of their work without being seen. Evidence of termite damage often doesn't show up in a home until the termites have done extensive damage, so protecting your house before termites get in is the best option. Whether you have termites in your home already or want to avoid them entirely, Caliber Pest Service can help. We provide termite control that will protect your home from termites 24/7. Contact us to get started!

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