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Bed Bug Control In The Bronx, NY

High-Quality Bed Bug Control In The Bronx, NY

Bed bugs are quite the historic pest in New York. Once widespread throughout the state, these insects were successfully eradicated until only a small number remained. But as circumstances changed and pest control laws were updated, bed bugs once again took over local homes, businesses, and neighborhoods – starting in the Bronx.

Finding relief from New York bed bug activity can be difficult, particularly with higher populations and dense housing in the Bronx area. But, Caliber Pest Service can remove bed bug infestations with just a single treatment.

Bed bug control from Caliber Pest Service has helped hundreds of home and business owners find maximum relief with totally customizable treatments and a selection of modern product applications. We envision a New York totally free of bed bug activity, arming our technicians with the best research necessary to get the job done right.

Protect your building, budget, and bottom line with bed bug control services in the Bronx from Caliber Pest Service. Call today for a quote, or submit a contact form to inquire about the details.

Protecting Your Home With Bed Bug Control

Bed bug activity in the Bronx can be difficult to spot without professional training. As one of the most commonly misidentified pests in the world, it's important to successfully identify colonies in order to take the best course of action.

Thorough bed bug inspections are always completed by the professionals at Caliber Pest Service, with a careful focus on the most affected areas of your building. We slowly investigate at-risk rooms according to your reports, paying special attention to potentially infested items. These include:

  • Furniture
  • Beds
  • Backs of bed frames
  • Upholstery

After properly identifying bed bugs, Caliber Pest Service will provide a comprehensive list of next steps. This list includes a bed bug prep sheet detailing all actions required by you before proceeding with the treatment process.

The instructions for protecting your personal property involve:

  • Putting all linens into black plastic bags.
  • Drying all your clothing and linens on high heat for 45 minutes.
  • Pulling furniture away from the walls (at least two feet).

In an effort to protect families, customers, and business owners to the highest degree, Caliber Pest Service proudly provides an eco-friendly bed bug control option. Known as a bed bug steamer, this unique piece of technology gets rid of adult bed bugs, nymphs, and even eggs using the power of heat. By heating up to 320 degrees, the machine reduces the amount of product applied to your home or business.

Once the treatment process is over, Caliber Pest Service provides a comprehensive follow-up service. This service occurs two weeks (14 days) from your initial treatment, allowing leftover eggs to hatch and migrate into the home if not destroyed during the treatment. Our technicians will apply all necessary products to the house, ensuring the removal of every last bug. There will be another follow-up service if needed by one of our skilled technicians later in the month.

Caliber Pest Service is committed to providing the best possible home bed bug control services, which is why our programs always come with a full 90-day warranty. We promise your property will be free and clear of all bed bug activity – or your money back.

Start your bed bug treatments today by calling Caliber Pest Service as soon as possible.

Caliber Pest Service's Bed Bug Education

You can best combat bed bugs with quality infestation education, including advice on getting and staying bed bug-free for the long run. At Caliber Pest Service, we specialize in consumer education that always goes the distance, with helpful advice that includes:

  • Ways to reduce your bed bug risks
  • Understanding the signs and symptoms of bed bugs
  • Practical bed bug prevention tips
  • What to do if bed bugs are spotted
  • Easy ways to check for bed bug infestations

Get expert advice related to your bed bug infestations by calling Caliber Pest Control today. We will be thrilled to provide an inspection at any time.

Get Bed Bug Control From Caliber Pest Service

Caliber Pest Service is the company to call if you need quality bed bug control in the Bronx. Our specially trained technicians will discreetly visit your property to conduct a thorough inspection, followed by a comprehensive customer prep sheet and full treatment plan. We're proud to use eco-friendly alternatives to protect your home, and our programs come with a full 90-day warranty for any and every purpose.

Start your journey toward bed bug freedom by connecting with Caliber Pest Service. We're standing by to schedule your bed bug inspection today.

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