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Scarsdale, NY Pest Control

Friendly Pest Control In Scarsdale, NY

Located north of New York City, Scarsdale is also a densely populated area of the state. While the suburbs can feel quaint compared to The Big Apple, local property owners still need to take pest control in Scarsdale seriously. All kinds of different pests in our area will be drawn to local homes and businesses for all the food sources and other benefits they offer.

If you only address pest problems once they've already started, you likely won't be able to avoid the larger costs to your property and bank account. That's why Caliber Pest Service offers affordable and effective pest control services that protect your property from dangerous and troublesome pests.

Residential Pest Control In Scarsdale

Pests are drawn to our homes because they can find everything they need to survive in and around our properties. Whether a pest population is in your yard or has actually invaded your house, those pests can lead to serious problems like property damage and health impacts.

This is why Caliber Pest Service assists local homeowners with everything they need to defend against our area's common pests. Here's the simple but effective process we use to protect Scarsdale homes:

  • Inspection: We begin by familiarizing ourselves with your property so we can match the right treatment methods to your home. We also check all areas for signs of pest activity.
  • Treatment: Whether you need specific solutions for certain tricky pests or general, all-inclusive treatments to protect against a wide range of pest invaders, we have treatment plans for you.
  • Follow Up: Even after our initial visit concludes, we still aren't done taking care of your property. We always check back with you at a later date to ensure you're satisfied and make sure pests aren't still giving you problems.

Get residential pest control from Caliber Pest Service today to make sure your Scarsdale home is safe from pests.

Commercial Pest Control In Scarsdale

Even commercial properties can be hotspots for pest activity. In fact, businesses can be at an even higher risk of infestation because the extra activity on commercial properties often attracts pest populations. Even businesses that don't directly deal with food products or hospitality can still wind up with pest problems.

Offices and warehouses have storage spaces that provide attractive nesting areas for pests. Schools and healthcare facilities can also attract pest species that feed on people or the waste we generate. This is why, no matter what kind of business you run in Scarsdale, you should get started on a commercial pest control plan from Caliber Pest Service.

Professional pest inspections can clue you into problems before they lead to larger costs, and treatment plans help protect your property from pests so they never become a problem. Contact us today to get started on overall pest protection for your Scarsdale business.

Natural Ways To Make Your Scarsdale Property Less Inviting To Wildlife

As human civilization has increasingly encroached upon natural environments, it's no wonder wildlife has become an increasingly common pest issue for local property owners. But, whether it's raccoons and squirrels or pest birds like pigeons, more and more people are looking for safe, humane ways to remove wild animals from their properties instead of resorting to products that might be harmful to the environment.

If you're looking for local wildlife removal that is smart and effective, turn to Caliber Pest Service. We can deal with wildlife in ways that don't damage our natural ecosystem. Plus, if you're looking for steps you can take around your property to reduce your risk of wildlife invasions, we've got you covered there, too.

Here are some of the natural ways you can make your Scarsdale property less appealing to encroaching wildlife:

  • Landscaping: Overgrown yards are naturally more attractive to wildlife, which will graze on tall grasses or, at the very least, use overgrown vegetation to hide in. We recommend keeping your lawn trimmed short to make your yard less inviting to wildlife.
  • Water Sources: Yards with puddles or water features also attract wild animals, which will take advantage of these sources of moisture. Limit the water sources around your property to avoid attracting wild animals looking for a drink.
  • Trash Storage: Wildlife will root around in garbage cans or take advantage of exposed piles of rubbish or debris to scavenge for food. You should ensure that your outdoor bins are secured and that no other food sources are left lying around.

If local wildlife is already a problem around your home or business, get humane wildlife control from Caliber Pest Service. Contact us today or visit us online to learn more about our services.

How To Get Rid Of Flies In Your Scarsdale Home For Good

Every homeowner has been annoyed by a fly buzzing around their kitchen or dining room before. Fly populations can even concentrate outdoors, putting a damper on your time spent outside enjoying your yard. To truly keep flies away, you need to take preventative action early and turn to the pros for reliable fly control solutions.

DIY methods can't account for all the offspring and hiding spots that insects take advantage of to keep their populations thriving, so you should turn straight to the professionals to deal with pest issues rather than trying to handle them on your own.

These realities are why expert fly control provides the best way to get rid of flies that threaten your Scarsdale home. At Caliber Pest Service, we offer treatments that eliminate flies and shield your property from future infestations. Contact us to get started with fly control today.

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