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Fly Control In The Bronx, NY

Eliminate Nuisance Flies In The Bronx, NY

Every year in the late spring and summer, thousands of home and business owners in the Bronx area face an endless fight against fly infestations. It's not hard to see why. These aggravating insects are attracted to warm, damp, fragrant locations all over the area, and with such a large population in a densely packed area, stopping their spread is anything but simple.

Fly control certainly isn't effortless, but with the help of the professional Bronx pest control experts at Caliber Pest Service, management and elimination may be easier than you think. We're proud to provide more than 15 years of fly control experience to the residential and commercial properties in the Bronx area, with solutions that don't just manage the spread of insects but prevent them from returning. 

Get started on a home fly control service that meets and exceeds all your expectations. Call Caliber Pest Service today for a quote, or submit an online contact form to begin work on a customized plan of action. One of our technicians will connect with you during our business hours.

Fly Control From Caliber Pest Service

Caliber Pest Service's fly knockdown program is the best around. We rely on a fumigation process that quickly reduces the number of insects in your building, a service that literally 'knocks down' flies no matter where they are on your property.

We are more than happy to provide fly knockdown services as an ongoing treatment or as a one-time visitation, allowing our technicians to help as needed.

While residential homes struggle with flies, commercial properties are by far the most at-risk for infestations. Caliber Pest Service currently services industries such as:

  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Alfresco dining areas

Caliber Pest Service offers an additional fly light program for commercial accounts that suffer from higher-than-average fly activity in the Bronx. This program stops breeding flies and gnats in their tracks by catching and eliminating the pests one by one. Even while our technicians aren't around, your fly light will keep working to reduce fly populations in your area. We will change out the fly trap every time we visit and ensure that your building is slowly recovering from its previous infestation.

Begin fly knockdown services at your earliest convenience by calling, clicking, or visiting Caliber Pest Service today. Our technicians will answer the phone any time during our business hours.

Understanding Our Fly Education

Caliber Pest Control offers an education segment with every pest treatment we provide – including fly knockdown services. One of our technicians will visit you and provide details about how, when, and why these insects may be infesting your home in the first place.

Every property in the Bronx is different and will receive customized fly advice according to the environment. However, some types of fly control education remain the same for all homes or businesses. A few of these tips may include:

  • Cleanliness. Flies are attracted to even the most mundane parts of the home. Be sure to wash and dry all counters, tables, and food prep spaces. Sweep, vacuum, and mop to remove any crumbs or spills from the floor. Finally, be sure to deep clean around appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers.
  • Environmental elements. Food and water create a huge pull for fly populations, particularly stagnant water puddles, garbage cans, and compost piles. If possible, remove all standing water in the house by repairing pipes and fixing drains. Remove trash at least once a week. Finally, turn the compost pile more frequently to encourage anaerobic breakdown.
  • Accessible entry points. If a fly can get through a door, window, or chimney, it will waste no time setting up shop; this is particularly problematic for cluster flies, which can overrun a home in a matter of weeks.

Even with the best prevention methods, fly activity is still a real threat here in the Bronx. If your prevention efforts cannot keep fly activity away, it will be time to call the professionals at Caliber Pest Service for a fly treatment service in the Bronx, and we will be glad to return for pest reapplications at any time.

Caliber Pest Service Is Standing By To Help

There's no doubt about it; the best way to get flies out of your house for good is to call on the experienced professionals at Caliber Pest Service. Our team will develop a customized plan of action designed specifically for your home and its needs, followed by knockdown services and education programs that protect you to the highest degree.

Please contact Caliber Pest Service today for more information about our fly control services or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.

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