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Wildlife Control In The Bronx, NY

Protecting Your Home Or Business From Wildlife In The Bronx

When you think of pest control in the Bronx, you probably think about insects. However, small, common area pests are not the only pests that can be a problem for homes and businesses in the Bronx and the surrounding areas. In fact, larger animals, such as raccoons and pigeons, can become a serious threat when they get onto your property.

Not only do larger animals cause property damage more quickly than smaller pests, but they can also be dangerous to your health and safety, both through the transmission of diseases and if you happen to come into direct contact with one of them.

When wildlife gets onto your property or into your home or business, it's important to call in professionals who know how to get rid of the problem safely and effectively. Caliber Pest Service has over 15 years of experience protecting homes and businesses in The Bronx from dangerous and damaging wildlife.

Our Wildlife Control Services

Bird Control

Pigeons are extremely common in our area, and they frequently build nests in the awnings of stores. They can also roost along rooflines and window ledges. Although they are not typically a physical threat, their droppings can spread germs. Furthermore, the damage they can cause to your structure will become extensive if they are allowed to remain.

Caliber Pest Service offers several bird control options to protect your building from pigeons and the problems they cause.

  • Bird nest removal
  • Bird spike installation
  • Bird net installation

These services are safe and humane ways to keep pigeons and other birds from nesting and roosting on your structure.

Wildlife Control

Raccoons may look like cute, cuddly animals, but in reality, they can be one of the more dangerously aggressive pests you might encounter. If a raccoon chooses to take up residence under your house, in your garage, or somewhere on your property, it can be a danger to your family's safety. They will also cause a lot of damage to whatever area they decide to inhabit. The same is true of other wildlife, such as squirrels and opossums.

If wildlife has moved onto your property, Caliber Pest Service will move it off. We offer humane live trapping services to remove wildlife from your property. We'll set the traps, with bait, in areas close to where the wildlife is spending time. We'll then check the traps every day until we catch the animal. We may request your assistance in letting us know when an animal has gone into the trap.

Once we catch the wildlife, we'll remove it from your property. It will be relocated a safe distance away and released back into the wild.

Let Caliber Pest Service Protect Your Property From Wildlife

When wildlife gets onto your residential or commercial property, it is an imminent danger to your family, customers, and structure. Get rid of wildlife the safe way by calling Caliber Pest Service. We offer safe and humane wildlife control that will rid your property of wildlife to protect the people and things that matter most. Call now to get started.

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