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Ossining, NY Pest Control

Pest Control In Ossining, NY

Ossining is one place where you can have it all! Along the Hudson River and connected to nature with the added benefit of being close to New York City. It has even been named one of the best places to live in the county!

However, our location is also prime real estate for the many different pests we have to deal with when they infest our homes or businesses. With dependable pest control services from experts, you can keep your property free of the critters you don't want inside. 

Please keep reading to find out the best pros to help you with Westchester County pest control.

Residential Pest Control In Ossining

If you have a pest infestation, there are many home pest control options, but not all are reliable or effective. We mean DIY methods and store-bought products can provide short-term results but fail in the long run, leading to re-infestation and more time and money than necessary. But you don't have to think about doing it yourself when you have pest experts like those at Caliber Pest Service on your side. 

Our residential pest control services provide a personalized approach, which we achieve through discussion and performing a detailed inspection. We also take the time to offer education and advice on how to prevent pests on your property best. 

We have plenty to choose from, whether you need one-time treatments or a long-term plan that is annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly. Plus, we have specialty programs for pests like cockroaches, mosquitoes, bedbugs, flies, rodents, and wildlife.

Reach out to Caliber Pest Service today to learn more about the options you have for home pest control.

Commercial Pest Control In Ossining

A pest problem of any size can significantly impact any commercial property, so you should implement the proper precautions and measures to prevent them from occurring. The best thing to do for your Ossining commercial property is to work with our trained professionals at Caliber Pest Service.

Our commercial pest control approach offers customized solutions with treatments that fit your needs, no matter what pests you are experiencing. Your pest control program will help eliminate pests already inside, prevent pests from entering, and treat insect harborage areas.

We work with facilities, including restaurants, hotels, food and beverage processing, healthcare, education, parks, and property management. We provide scheduling for weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly recurring service visits.

So don't wait to contact Caliber Pest Service for high-quality commercial pest control for your property.

Keeping Cockroaches Out Of Ossining Homes And Businesses

Cockroaches are among the most challenging pests to keep out of any property, home, or business. Dealing with this pest is difficult because they can live in the worst unsanitary conditions and feed on just about anything. Plus, they are quick reproducers, so infestations can quickly become overwhelming. 

The best way to keep cockroaches out of your home and eliminate any active concerns is by working with professionals for cockroach control.

At Caliber Pest Service, we offer a cockroach cleanout service that begins with an inspection to determine if cockroaches are present. We then share our inspection findings and service options. 

If there are active cockroaches, we flush them out of hiding and use a vacuum to decrease the population and eggs; then, we strategically set baits. We will follow up after two weeks and provide a 60-day warranty.

To learn more about cockroach prevention and control and how we can assist with cockroach concerns in Ossining, call us at Caliber Pest Control! 

5 Signs Your Ossining Property Has A Rodent Problem

You might be surprised to know that rodent infestations aren't always obvious. These pests are rather sneaky, so it's essential to know the following signs of a rodent problem:

  1. Droppings and urine are usually the first signs of rodents.
  2. Chew marks on food packaging, furniture, and baseboards are a common sign of a rodent problem as they need to chew constantly to keep their teeth from overgrowing.
  3. Shredded paper and fabrics signify that rodents are building nests in your home.
  4. Paw prints and grease marks will be in areas where rodents spend the most time.
  5. Scratching sounds and unpleasant odors can also accompany a rodent infestation, with sounds coming from inside walls.

If you see any of these signs, please don't hesitate to contact us at Caliber Pest Service. Our rodent control services begin with an inspection to understand the severity of your unique situation. Then, depending on inspection results, we perform exclusion work, set bait stations, and traps if needed.

Call Caliber Pest Service today for more info about our rodent control offerings and how to prevent this pest from making its way inside your home. 

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